Multimedia and Human Computer Interaction Game Guide & Contribution

Game Guide:

A guide for a biology themed tower defense.

Github Link

Team Members:

  1. Georgius
  2. Farras
  3. Diwa

Game Pictures:

How to Play:

The main objective is to protect the base(the rest of the body) by deploying and utilizing white blood cells.

The user can summon white blood cells by purchasing them using the buttons on the bottom of the screen. When summoned, the cell will spawn at the base. The player can then move the cell to a designated position to defend the base by dragging and dropping.

At the start of the game, the bacteria will start spawning at the open wound.  One health point will be deducted for every bacteria that reach the base. After a set amount of kills, the wave number will increase. As a result,  a mini boss will spawn and newly spawned bacteria will become stronger.

The user earns score and money for every bacteria killed. The score and money is determined by the hidden value inside the bacteria. Stronger bacteria tend to have a larger hidden value.

There are three types of white blood cells in this game. B-lymphocyte which shoots antibodies towards the invading bacteria. Macrophage and neutrophils which engulfs bacteria using a process called phagocytosis.

Upgrading of white blood cells is possible. By using the ESC key, a menu will appear. There will be an upgrade tab that allows the user to spend money earned on upgrades. Upgrading b-lymphocytes increases their rate of fire, macrophage increases damage, health regeneration and max health, neutrophil increases damage.

Users can press p to pause. This allows the user time to rearrange the white blood cells.


For out of game: Mouse only.

For in game:

  • p: Pause the game.
  • ESC: Go to the escape menu
  • Mouse for moving cells/clicking buttons

Items Self Made:

  • Background
  • Portal
  • Neutrophil
  • Macrophage
  • Antibody
  • B-lymphocyte
  • Main Menu/End Game Buttons

Items Used:

  • Bacteria from


In this project, I’m responsible for the game-play. The HUD, balancing of the game, ESC Menu and etc. The assets in the assets folder were created using piskel.

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